PCA Pastor.
Slightly sarcastic.
Apt to laughter.

Anti-Psalm 6

What reason have you for anger, O Lord?
There is no need for discipline.
Your grace is for others, Lord, but not for me;
the well need no healing.
My soul is troubled,
for my suffering is unearned.

Turn, Lord, affirm my virtue;
end my suffering, for I am righteous.
If I die, I will be forgotten;
in Sheol, none will give me praise.

Righteousness is exhausting;
constantly being my best self;
the envy of all who watch.
Why must I be tired, Lord,
further fatigued by the envy of petty men?

Get out of my way, you needy of grace,
I have righteousness to perform—
an existence to justify;
desperate for acceptance.
I need no grace;
those who call me to repent shall be ashamed,
on the day I am truly revealed,
in all of my disfigured ruin.

Anti-Psalm 5

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