PCA Pastor.
Slightly sarcastic.
Apt to laughter.

Anti-Psalm 138

I give you thanks, O Lord, with divided heart;
    because I have earned all I have.
I acknowledge your goodness with my mouth
    but in my heart, I boast of my success,
    for I have achieved all things
    by my strength and intellect.
I have depended on no one but myself
    I have manufactured my life.

This is the way of the world,
    as the mighty seek to justify their existence.
I curate an image,
    proclaiming my greatness.
Believing myself high, I pretend to be low,
    perfecting the humblebrag.

Though I walk through trouble,
    I will cling to what I have achieved.
Denying my radical dependence,
    I hoard, greedy, taking all credit and blame.
I will fulfill my purpose;
    but my greatest accomplishments fade with my life,
    and the work of my hands is forsaken.

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