PCA Pastor.
Slightly sarcastic.
Apt to laughter.

Anti-Psalm 46

Because I am my refuge and strength,
    I have no help in time of trouble.
The earth shall give way,
    and the mountains shall crumble;
when the sea foams,
    and the landscape trembles—
there can be only fear.

I seek gladness in needing nothing,
    the security of self-sufficiency.
But there is no security to be found;
    the night’s gladness vanishes when morning dawns.
Gladness is never enough,
    as I fail to convince myself of independence.
I am alone, desperate for pretended security—
    weak medicine for a deep wound.

My greatest works will be forgotten,
    my great-grandchildren forget my name.
I cannot stop inevitable pain,
    suffering comes to every man,
    and I shall not escape it.
“Behold, I long for security,
    but am powerless to achieve it,
    feigned strength is a meager gladness.”
But I will pretend my self-sufficiency,
    until I am insufficient to stop death.

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