PCA Pastor.
Slightly sarcastic.
Apt to laughter.

Anti-Psalm 86

Listen to me, O god of my ministry,
     for there is much that I want.
Make me great, for I am gifted;
     impressive in words, as I speak of you.
Make me compelling,
     bold and convicting.
Increase my influence,
     let others marvel at apparent humility,
     as personal growth serves my ministry goals.
Grant me sharp wit,
     good humor,
     penetrating insights,
     making them laugh and cry.
Think of the good I could do
     with many followers, for both our kingdoms.

Hear my desires,
     give me a platform.
I will use it to talk about you,
     all while talking about me.
If we work together,
     we can both be great,
     our names co-glorified.
You are great subject matter,
     and I am eager to learn.
Teach me your way,
     that I might grow in reputation,
     and be sought after.
Grant me this
     for our glory.
Great will be my influence,
     when freed from the prison of mediocrity.

Why have I not been noticed yet?
     Why has no one has seen my giftedness and insight?
Your name is the means of my greatness,
     your grace a platform for my gifting.
Turn and be generous,
     give glory to your servant,
     while I glorify you with divided heart.
Show me a sign of your favor,
     as long as it doesn’t require obscurity,
     and I will use your name to make my name great.

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