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Anti-Psalms (Intro)

A few years ago my senior pastor made a passing remark about how interesting it would be to write the opposites of the Psalms—anti-psalms. These would function as a confession of sin, a guide to repentance, an acknowledgement of distorted loves and desires.

It stuck with me. I started writing anti-psalms, psalms that more accurately reflect the ambivalence and coldness of my heart.

John Calvin famously described the Psalms as an "anatomy of all the parts of the soul." Anti-psalms might thus be described as a pathology of all the parts of the soul distorted by sin. If Psalm 1 describes the abundant flourishing to be found in godly wisdom, then anti-psalm 1 describes the foolish deformity wrought by worldly wisdom. 

I'll post these sporadically, as I continue to write them.

Anti-Psalm 1

The Conversion of Saul