PCA Pastor.
Slightly sarcastic.
Apt to laughter.

Anti-Psalm 2

The campaign ads run again—
more fear, more anger.
Right, left, and center alike,
huddling together to plan strategy.
“The opposition should not even exist—
a threat to our way of life!”

Talking heads laugh,
assuring us their words matter more than ever.
They speak with confidence,
confirming our deepest fears:
“This election is the most important yet.
All that matters is politics.”

The electorate thunders in response:
“You are our salvation!
Deliver us, Mighty One!
Restore our joy!
Project our power everywhere!
Break our opponents into pieces!
Give us hope!”

Celebrate yourself, O powerful one!
Ruler of the nation, drink in your greatness—
immense power. Craft your legacy,
cling to what you have.
There is nothing but domination,
no accountability, no judgment.
No one opposes you with impunity.
Who could possibly stop you?

Anti-Psalm 62

Your Word, truth